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The River Market's Bakery

Baked Fresh Daily Bakeries Kansas City MO

At The Opera House Cafe in the Rivermarket of Kansas City, MO, we are more than just a few types of tasty treats. We’re the place your taste buds will be talking about.

Give Your Taste Buds a Treat to Remember

Located inside The Opera House Cafe, the Bakery has a variety of delicious baked goods. Stop by to pick up a muffin, cupcakes for the office, scrumptious butter cookies, or a tasty piece of cake. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee or tea as the perfect companion to any of our baked treats.
Our menu rotates so be sure to stop in to see what’s in the bakery case each day. You know  it’s always something delicious!


At one of the oldest building in Kansas City, we make our treats.  With options for all tastes, our baker keeps up with all the trends while keeping the old-time favorites ready too.


By using fresh, organic & handmade ingredients wherever and whenever we can to make desserts and treats that won't make you feel (too) guilty for eating.


We want to keep this small to serve our patrons on a personal level. Call us and talk directly to the owner and baker.  No call trees and voicemail ever.


Eat Cake and Lunch Too

and breakfast, brunch, or dinner!

After you pick up your bakery treat, be sure to stay for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

There is something for everyone on our menu - comfort foods like our tasty Gourmet Grilled Cheese or if you're watching your carbs then we've got the perfect No Bun Burger with your name on it!

Check out the Opera House Cafe's Menu and find the right main dish to complement your bakery treats.



We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.

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